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Vendredi 16.02.2018 - Dimanche 18.02.2018
18:00 - 16:00


La Soleillette
151 impasse de la Soleillette, Bogève (Haute-Savoie), France

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Trained in coaching, NLP, psycho-energy and energy therapies, mindfulness meditation, integrative community therapy and laughter yoga, Sylvie Meynier has 15 years of experience as an adult trainer and 6 years as a coach.

She help people achieve their dreams by working on all levels : physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Everyone has talent and should be given the chance to shine their light!

Her business is called Laughing Butterfly, as a metaphor of transformation, that even though might be a lot of work, can also be done with joy and lightness of being.

Rita Rütsche  teaches  through the body, movement, breathing and attention.She is trained and inspired by Yoga, Grinberg Method, MLC (Méthode de Libération des Cuirasses) EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Hsin Tao.

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Relaxation and Anti-Stress Lab – Laughing Butterfly

How to keep good spirits and energy in a very hectic life!

A WEEKEND RETREAT led by two facilitators with complementary tools.

Would you like to experience a week-end filled with joy and powerful intentions to feel more energized?  Would you like to regain your self-confidence, learn how to turn inward and listen to yourself rather than the outside world? Would you like to reconnect to your intuition and learn to trust it to lead your life in a powerful and authentic way?

Come and join us to try new tools to feel better and learn how to integrate them into your daily life.

The natural surroundings will help you relax and focus. A weekend a bit different. No need to go far away. 40 minutes from Geneva in the countryside is a house that offers comfort, good food and space to enjoy.


300 CHF plus full pension around € 180-200 depending on your choice of accommodation, 2 nights in a nice comfy and spacious house in the countryside, 6 delicious vegetarian meals and 4 snacks)

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